Review: Krusell Classic Case

Pros: Craftsmanship is top-notch. Multidapt system provides versatility. Genuine leather.

Cons: Nothing to protect the FireWire port (previous model iPods only). Minor glue issue.

Review: Krusell Classic Case

What is an ideal case? Well, only the owner of the case can answer that question. I have had a chance to review the Krusell Classic Multidapt case, and I must say, for me, this is very close to ideal.

Zippin’ in the iPod

When I’ve got a case, one of the first things I look for (besides overall craftsmanship) is how easily the iPod slips in and out. While my iPod doesn’t frequently leave the comfort of my current case, when it does, I don’t want to have to struggle to remove it. I was pleasantly surprised with the zipper system that Krusell has used. The small zipper was stiff enough to not unzip on its own and very smooth to operate.

After unzipping the case, one simply slides the iPod up through the bottom. It is a snug fit, but that is the type of fit I like. Snug and secure. Before I zipped my iPod back up, a quick thought of worry shot up my spine, “Is the zipper going to scratch my iPod?” I am pleased to report that the zipper itself does not come in contact with the iPod, and one should not be worried about the iPod getting scratched by it.

I examined where the holes for the ports and the scroll wheel fell in relation to where they were on the iPod, and again I was pleased. The audio and FireWire ports were both where they should be.

The “Hold” switch could also be accessed with ease.

Review: Krusell Classic Case


Craftsmanship is key to a case. If one is not going to showcase the iPod’s industrial design, it must be enclosed in a case that looks just as good (well, as good as a case can look). The Krusell Classic Multidapt Case is made of genuine leather. The stitching is as close to perfect as possible. No stray threads, no mis-aligned stitches. There is clear vinyl protection over the LCD display, which is a must since there is no front cover flap.

The interior of the back panel is covered in a soft, felt material, while the sides are nylon. After having my iPod in the case for a week, I have noticed no new scratches.

Review: Krusell Classic Case

I am not a big fan of zippers, but Krusell does a wonderful job of implementation. The zipper extends from the top, left and wraps around to the top, right. The pull-tab is small enough not to interfere with normal operation while remains big enough to zip and unzip with ease. This allows one to easily insert and remove the iPod from the case quickly.

Excess glue is also a major faux pas for any case maker. It is something that shouldn’t happen, and is easily fixed. Krusell doesn’t have a problem with too much glue, but possibly too little.

On the interior of the case, left side, there is little or no glue. The nylon fabric (part of the zipper system) has lifted away from the leather underneath. It’s only a slightly noticeable problem, but it should still be noted.

Clips, Kits, and Holders

As with several other cases that iLounge has reviewed, this case comes equipped with the Multidapt system. This is a must for those who aren’t satisfied with carrying their iPod around in their pocket. Krusell offers a wide variety of clips that are compliant with the Multidapt system. They include, Mini Clips, SpringClip, Clip TwistOn, Slide Swivel Kit, Leather Swivel Kit, Steel Swivel Kit, Basic Swivel Kit, Bike Holder and Car Holder.

During the week I have spent with this case, I have realized how wonderful it is to have a clip system. Being able to clip and unclip the iPod from my belt with one hand, and with ease is no longer considered a bonus in my opinion, it is now considered a must. I feel that the Multidapt system should be included on every iPod case (with certain exceptions) to allow for maximum usability.

Review: Krusell Classic Case

Another advantage of the swivel clip, which I had a chance to use, was that it allowed the iPod to be parallel with my belt when I sat down. With a normal belt clip, the iPod would be digging into my upper thigh. One doesn’t realize how annoying that can be until they experience the feeling.

The swivel clips however are not included with the case and have to be purchased separately. I think this is unfortunate, and that case makers in general (who manufacture cases with the Multidapt system) should consider including one or more clips with their cases. If they were to do this at a reasonable price, it would make headway into a now crowded market.

Personal Preference

When it comes to cases, personal preference is of utmost importance.