Review: Krusell Handit Case

Pros: Fine craftsmanship and descent protection. Multidapt system provides versatility.

Cons: Snaps poorly positioned. No clear vinyl over LCD display.

Review: Krusell Handit Case

Krusell, case manufacturer in Sweden, recently introduced two iPod cases. The first case reviewed was the Krusell Classic Case. Krusell also introduced a second case, the Handit Multidapt Case, which offers slightly more protection in some aspects, but slightly less in other aspects. While I was quite pleased with what they had to offer with the Classic case, I was disappointed with the Handit case.

Features and Functionality

The first and most obvious omission from this case was a clear protective cover over the LCD display. While the case does have a front flip-top lid to protect the iPod while closed, the lack of a clear protective cover is a strange omission. It’s as if they simply forgot to sew it in.

I’m curious as to why this was not included, because the Krusell Classic case included a clear vinyl cover. It doesn’t seem that including it would increase cost or production time significantly.

The flip-top lid secures to the case via a 3” tab that wraps around the bottom of the case and snaps onto the back in two locations. The bottom location leaves the flap loose and allows dirt in-between the flip-top lid and the iPod. The top location is difficult to secure when the iPod is in the case. I have to make sure the iPod is pushed firmly as far into the case as possible and force the tab closed. I am obviously exerting more effort than should be necessary to secure the flap.

If you have credit cards or identification cards in the small holder inside the cover flap, then the fit is just as secure, and appears to work how it was intended. But, I would be interested to know how many people actually use a credit card pocket provided in iPod cases.

At first, the location of the audio port access hole seems to be slightly misplaced. My first several attempts proved difficult.

I had to struggle to get the hole to align with the port. If they had simply increased the radius of the hole by another 1/8th of an inch, there would not be a problem. Now that the case has been somewhat broken in, it isn’t quite as difficult to align the access hole with the iPod’s audio port, but this slight mismatch can be discouraging when the case is new.

Review: Krusell Handit Case

The case has two openings at the bottom of each corner exposing the iPod to unforeseen mishaps. When I purchase a case, I want the entire iPod to be covered. While this is the design used on many of the Krusell cases, I think it is a mistake to carry that design over to the iPod case. Though nothing bad happened to my iPod while in the case, I constantly feared it could easily have been scratched or worse, dropped and the corner dinged. Case makers have to remember to provide protection over aesthetics whenever an iPod case is being designed.


While there are some issues with the case’s functionality, it is very well constructed. The Handit case is finely crafted from genuine leather.