Gear Guide: Lithium Parallel Battery Pack Charger

Mains input voltage:
AC100V to 240V
12V/2A in car-charger
Input frequency:50/60Hz
Charging input:DC 4.3V/1000mA*3
Operating temperature:0°C to 40°C

1.Design in Germany. And a chip controls the process: avoids mistake, ensures charge efficiently and accurately.
2.Adopt clipper-built aluminium casing which has better heat dissipation function.

Different from traditional design, it does not use fan in order to reduce volume and weight. It is more convenient to be taken with.
3.It can suit various using environments through an adapter which has wide voltage range (12-18V DC) or car-charger connection.
4.Automatically detects 1-3 lithium cells battery packs, restores low voltage cells and displays the situations. 
5.Automatically detects each battery’s voltage in the battery, balancing control charge, ensure the voltage keeping balance.

6.LED indicators with 3 colours.
7.Both Input and output have the function of short circuit and opposite connection protection.
8.Various casing colours can meet various needs of different users.
9.It has a good balance effect. The voltage tolerance of single cells in the full charged battery pack is less than 50mV.
10.Ending voltage of the product is between 4.18V-4.24V(midpoint is 4.21V).