Review: LockBox v1.2 / LockBox Pro v1.0 by GEE! Technologies


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Review: LockBox v1.2 / LockBox Pro v1.0 by GEE! Technologies

LockBox (Free) and LockBox Pro ($2) are the same general app in two flavors: a free version that offers a basic level of encryption and is limited to two fields per entry, and a “Pro” version that offers stronger 3DES encryption and unlimited fields per entry. It also appears that the free version will no longer be in active development beyond basic bug-fixes.

LockBox provides PIN-based (numeric) log on security, and a fairly general free-form storage model. Information and notes fields are supported, but fields cannot be named and are all general text-based fields with no validation or field masking capabilities. A category icon can be assigned to each item for easier identification, but serve no other purpose than providing a graphical representation of item types on the main screen.


Review: LockBox v1.2 / LockBox Pro v1.0 by GEE! Technologies

While LockBox has a relatively nice graphical interface, it provides nothing remarkable in the way of features. The free version is compelling in that it’s the best of the standalone free apps that we’ve reviewed, while the $2 “Pro” version offers little to distinguish it from competing apps. iLounge Ratings: C+ (Free) / C (Pro).

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Company: GEE! Technologies


Title: LockBox

Title: LockBox Pro

Price: Free/$2

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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