Review: Logiix Launch Pad for iPad


With the debut of Apple’s second-generation iPad just around the corner, we wanted to revisit a number of stands for the first-generation model to see which have come closest to getting a “right” formula for design, materials, and pricing. As is always the case, it’s unclear as to whether these stands will be compatible with the revised shape and size of new iPad models, so our ratings are based solely on their suitability for use with the original iPad.

Review: Logiix Launch Pad for iPad

Review: Logiix Launch Pad for iPad

Carrying on the relatively new tradition of simple, one-piece iPad stands, the Logiix Launch Pad for iPad ($25 Canadian) is a flexible, anti-slip rubber stand featuring a single slot for holding the iPad at an angle in either portrait or landscape orientation, with several grooves built in to the underside for cable management. On the positive side, the slot is wide enough to accomodate most iPad cases, and there are quite a few colors available; negatively, the Launch Pad also continues a trend of forgoing a separate, lower-angle “typing” slot, instead encouraging users to simply sit their device on top of the stand; the main viewing angle isn’t great, either.


Review: Logiix Launch Pad for iPad

We waited some time for Logiix or other vendors to provide details for Launch Pad’s U.S. availability, but haven’t seen any sign of it in stores here. With Canadian and U.S. dollars at near-parity now, Launch Pad looks and feels overpriced relative to what it offers in aesthetics and functionality, outclassed by even budget-priced $15 and $25 stands from vendors such as Amzer and P-Dezine. Technically, this stand offers a greater variety of color options than any other we’ve seen for the iPad, but it’s also so cheap-looking and -feeling, lacking for angle adjustments and class, that we’d find it hard to recommend at even half the price. It does generally what it’s supposed to do, but Logiix can and should do better with options for the second-generation iPad; the company occasionally comes up with smarter options—see ClipStand, for example—and needs only to get the right pricing to make them worth considering.


Our Rating

Below Average

Company and Price

Company: Logiix


Model: Launch Pad for iPad

Price: $25 CA

Compatible: iPad (2010)


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