Review: Logiix The iPower Pro Ultra Slim AC Charger

Available in white and black versions, Logiix’ The iPower Pro ($28) is a three-in-one package, including one of Logiix’ USB+ Chargers, a matching four-foot USB-to-iPod Dock Connector cable, and a soft zippered fabric carrying case for both parts. Not surprisingly, The iPower Pro serves to recharge all USB Dock Connecting iPods – not 3G models – and iPod shuffles, and did so properly in our testing.

Review: Logiix The iPower Pro Ultra Slim AC Charger

At this point, iPod wall chargers have more or less become commodities, differing only modestly in design and a little bit more in pricing; it’s rare to see one that doesn’t perform as promised.

By comparison with Sonnet’s earlier, cheaper iPod USB Power Adapter (iLounge rating: A-), the Logiix package sells for a $10 premium, uses a thinner wall power brick, and uses a plastic-tipped iPod cable rather than Sonnet’s semi-metallic one. In other words, there are good reasons – primarily price – to pick Sonnet’s option, and less reason to pick Logiix’s.


Review: Logiix The iPower Pro Ultra Slim AC Charger

Overall, we think The iPower Pro is roughly on par with Griffin’s PowerBlock (iLounge rating: B+), which sells for the same general price, plus includes a slightly nicer cable identical to Apple’s official USB cable, a block that’s only a little biggrer than this one, and identical charging functionality.

You’d really have to value Logiix’s so-so travel case or smaller enclosure a lot to pick The iPower Pro instead, which we wouldn’t – it’s a nice option, but not our top pick for the dollar.

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Company and Price

Company: Logiix


Model: The iPower Pro

Price: $28

Compatible: iPod 3G, 4G, 5G, mini, nano, shuffle