Review: Logitech Hinge for iPad Air

When it comes to iPad cases, Logitech’s product lineup has been almost entirely composed of Bluetooth keyboard-equipped options. It’s now branching out though, having introduced three new protective cases — two of them have already been shipped. Hinge ($60) and Turnaround ($60) are both for iPad Air, with iPad mini editions available at a lower price. Neither offers anything totally unseen before, as they’re takes on the classic folio design with added features. Both offer stand functionality — although in different ways that will help them appeal to different iPad users — and both automatically lock the tablet when closed.

Review: Logitech Hinge for iPad Air

Structurally, Hinge looks like just about any other basic folio case on the market. The plastic shell that holds the tablet snaps around the body, without protecting the ports or buttons. We really like the exterior, which is a cool gray polyester fabric. The design and texture are both quite attractive, and one of the high points of this case. Inside, it’s lined with purple polyurethane.


Review: Logitech Hinge for iPad Air

The main selling point of Hinge is not just that it can be positioned as a viewing angle stand, but the range of angles it can provide. Thanks to a special resistance system, when the shell’s left edge is lifted away, it can hold pretty much any angle from 18 degrees to 80 degrees. This makes it ideal for both viewing and typing positions. The latter angles are plenty sturdy when you tap at the screen.


Review: Logitech Hinge for iPad Air

Made of a vinyl-like polyurethane material, Turnaround’s lid continues around the case’s right edge, where a magnet keeps the case shut. Inside there’s a standard iPad shell, much like Hinge’s, attached to the folio with a plastic ring. This allows it to rotate from landscape to portrait orientation, which can be beneficial while typing documents. There’s not too much to report on this one.


Review: Logitech Hinge for iPad Air

Both Hinge and Turnaround are quite good at what they’re designed to do, although neither has a true “wow” factor. We’ve covered other cases that offer similar functionality, although of the two, Hinge is slightly more impressive. The two cases are somewhat expensive compared to many iPad protectors out there. Hinge is strong enough, with its aesthetics and functionality, to earn our strong general recommendation, while Turnaround comes in one step below. Both are good options.

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