First Look: Loksak Inc. aLoksak Bags

They’re certainly not the silliest iPod, iPhone, or iPad accessories that have ever been sent to us, but Loksak’s series of aLoksak-branded leakproof and airtight bags ($7-$12/three bags) are surely the most likely to be accidentally confused with things you might find in a supermarket aisle. Armed with Ziploc-style top seals that are obscured by translucent black bands, the SSI-certified waterproof bags are claimed as safe to 200 feet or 60 meters of submersion, and come in sizes capable of holding anything from an iPod shuffle to an iPad inside.

Full touch sensitivity and screen access are offered through their mostly clear front and back surfaces, which feel thicker than Ziploc bags for added resilience. As far less expensive alternatives to purchasing full waterproof device-specific cases, the aLoksaks are obviously decent options, though their lack of waterproof port holes takes them well out of the category of precision engineered H2O Audio options we’ve tested with success in the past.

First Look: Loksak Inc. aLoksak Bags

On the other hand, good luck stuffing a sandwich into your typical iPhone case — each aLoksak notes that it’s certified as food safe, so when you’re done protecting your device, you can use it for a picnic.

First Look: Loksak Inc. aLoksak Bags

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Company: Loksak


Model: aLoksak

Price: $7-12

Compatible: All iPods, iPhones, iPads