Review: Lunatik Seismik Suspension Frame for iPhone 5

Now that Lunatik is shifting its focus away from iPod nano watchbands, it’s moving towards accessories for other Apple devices. Among them is the Seismik Suspension Frame for iPhone 5 ($35), debuted at the 2013 CES. While it’s certainly not the slimmest case on the market, the design is attractive and very much in line with the rest of what Lunatik has to offer. Seismik comes in five color schemes, including particularly nice looking black/smoke and gray/clear combinations.

Review: Lunatik Seismik Suspension Frame for iPhone 5

The exterior of the case is a rubber truss system, wrapped around a hard plastic backplate. On the rear, the two materials sit flush with one another; there’s a little less than an inch of rubber at the top plus a border around the opaque or semi-transparent plastic. The rubber extends around to the front, and your iPhone sits recessed underneath a lip that’ll help prevent it from landing flat on the ground. Three openings on the bottom provide access to the headphone port and microphone, Lightning port, and speaker, respectively, but the material is thick enough and the openings narrow enough that certain non-Apple plugs won’t fit. Docking is out of the question. 


Review: Lunatik Seismik Suspension Frame for iPhone 5

Review: Lunatik Seismik Suspension Frame for iPhone 5

Seismik’s series of interlocking triangular spaces around the outer edge is there to absorb the shock if your iPhone is dropped. It’s a a truly unique design, but unfortunately, it adds about 0.4” in both width and height. There are two small dips in the truss: one is for the Sleep/Wake button, the other for the volume buttons. The way Lunatik approached coverage for the ringer switch is pretty cool. There’s actually a trapezoidal plastic button that can be pushed forward and backward, while fitting right in with the rest of the case.


Review: Lunatik Seismik Suspension Frame for iPhone 5

Review: Lunatik Seismik Suspension Frame for iPhone 5

With Seismik, it’s clear that Scott Wilson and his Minimal design team are continuing to put out creative, thoughtful products—but a bit overdone. This case is sure to protect your iPhone 5, but we question if the level of protection is truly that much more than a significantly slimmer case such as Speck’s CandyShell in day-to-day use. And if it is, is it worth the extra bulk? Ultimately, the case will likely appeal more to design-oriented users than the general public. If you’re willing to put up with the size in exchange for a distinctive look and some extra protection, it’s a good choice worthy of a general recommendation.

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Company: Lunatik


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