First Look: Luxa2 F2 In-Ear Earphone


Though its packaging raised eyebrows by prominently using the bizarre phrase “my little music elf,” Luxa2’s F2 In-Ear Earphone ($TBD) is an interesting design from a company that hasn’t been known in the past for audio gear. The concept is to merge a flat glossy colored plastic back with a chromed out housing and silicone eartips, using magnets inside to enable the earphones to stay together around your neck when not in use. Three sets of tips are included, along with an oversized carrying case, and Luxa2 uses thin flat rubber cabling with a small 3.5mm plug. Black, gray-white, and red versions are available. European pricing suggests that F2 will cost roughly $35 in the United States.

First Look: Luxa2 F2 In-Ear Earphone

First Look: Luxa2 F2 In-Ear Earphone

First Look: Luxa2 F2 In-Ear Earphone

First Look: Luxa2 F2 In-Ear Earphone

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Company: Thermaltake/Luxa2


Model: F2 Earphone

Price: TBD

Compatible: All iPods, iPhones + iPads Except iPod shuffle 3G

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