Review: Luxa2 Rimini Stand Case for iPad 2

Rimini Stand Case for iPad 2 ($53) is Luxa 2’s unique attempt at a combination folio-style case with a briefcase-like exterior. It’s designed for those who don’t want to grab a case by its body, or throw it in a bag. Instead, there are sturdy handles that jut out from the right side, providing another carrying option, and they’re strong enough to be held in portrait orientation. The material used to build the case is as interesting as the rest of the design: Rimini’s outside is made of a sorta-kinda leather-like plastic, while the inside is lined with a more traditional microfiber.

Review: Luxa2 Rimini Stand Case for iPad 2

The iPad 2 is held in place on the right side of the case between a bezel frame and the back cover. Unfortunately, Rimini Stand Case leaves a little more of the tablet’s aluminum back exposed than many other cases do. Not only is the top left corner—from the volume rocker to to the Sleep/Wake button—open, but so are a good portion of the top and bottom edges, so we would’ve liked to have seen better coverage. Another downside is that the frame itself seems just a bit too small; it bulges at the top and bottom, a sign of overly tight tailoring. Otherwise, bezel protection is pretty good, and there are appropriately sized scoops for the front-facing camera and Home button.


Review: Luxa2 Rimini Stand Case for iPad 2

Review: Luxa2 Rimini Stand Case for iPad 2

Like many folio cases, Rimini can be used as a stand. It folds to transform into one of three viewing angles, ranging from just over 90° to about 135°, held in place by ridges on the inside of the front cover. There is not, however, a typing angle. In addition to the ridges built-in to the front cover, a magnet can hold the case shut and activate the iPad 2’s automatic locking feature. As always, it’s a nice touch.


Review: Luxa2 Rimini Stand Case for iPad 2

Review: Luxa2 Rimini Stand Case for iPad 2

Except for the handles, Rimini Stand Case doesn’t offer anything that can’t be found in other cases; it actually falls a little short in device coverage, and omits the typing angle stand we commonly see in folio designs. That said, some users will appreciate the handles, which are pretty well executed. If they appeal to you, go for it; this is otherwise a nice enough case, and worthy of a limited recommendation. Handles aside, however, most iPad 2 users will be able to find more protective cases at similar prices.

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Company: Luxa2


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