Luxa2 bills its new Zirka Case for iPad + iPad 2 ($40) as the thinnest sleeve available for Apple’s tablet computers and compared to those we’ve seen over the years, the company is likely right. Rather than the traditional materials we’re used to — leather, neoprene, and the like — the company chose to use a very grippy polyurethane material that feels somewhat like the bottom of a sneaker for the body. It also built in a stand feature that is pretty clever, but not quite perfect.

Review: Luxa2 Zirka Case for iPad + iPad 2

Zirka is made of two somewhat sturdy pieces of PU, sewn together along the bottom half and lined on the inside with micro fleece. The back portion extends a few inches further than the front, creating a flap that folds over to hold the sleeve shut. There are two long strips of Velcro along the body opposite the flap; one is used to hold the flap down and the case shut, while the other is part of the stand feature. Because there are openings along both of the short edges, about half of the iPad’s top and bottom are left exposed. This is definitely a let down compared to other sleeves that cover the entire device.


Review: Luxa2 Zirka Case for iPad + iPad 2

Those slits along the side are necessary for the implementation of the stand feature though, which has been executed pretty well. The female Velcro strip is on a segment of the flap that folds, allowing it to connect to the closer of the two matching strips on the body. While it does hold, the Velcro does seem to strain a bit. The resulting stand doesn’t sit quite flat by itself, but the weight of the iPad flattens it out. A small stylus loop at the bottom holds the tablet in place and the angle is more practical for typing than viewing. It’s a bit higher than many cases’ typing angles, but it is actually pretty comfortable. 


Review: Luxa2 Zirka Case for iPad + iPad 2

Review: Luxa2 Zirka Case for iPad + iPad 2

We like that Luxa2 chose to add some functionality to its sleeve, the lack of which is generally our big problem with this style case and the reason we don’t usually recommend them. Unfortunately it comes at the cost of some protection, namely the sides of the tablet that are left exposed. Our other big issue is the polyurethane body. It doesn’t stick to the inside of bags like we expected it to, but we don’t like the feel of it at all. And as illustrated in the pictures in this review, it shows marks very quickly and looks cheap because of it. These factors take away from our overall impression of the sleeve and earn it a C+ rating.

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Company and Price

Company: Luxa2


Model: Zirka Case

Price: $40

Compatible: iPad + iPad 2

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