One of the most common case designs for the original iPad was the folio, an iPad holder on the right with a flip-closed lid on the left. LuxMobile’s first folio release for the iPad 2 is a largely traditional faux leather version called the Protekto Organik iPad 2 Easel Case ($50) — a name that wasn’t on our review sample’s packaging. Quite slim and elegant, the case has a businesslike look and feel, suitable for carrying into a boardroom, although it does have some serious drawbacks.

Review: LuxMobile Protekto Organik iPad 2 Easel Case

Review: LuxMobile Protekto Organik iPad 2 Easel Case

Featuring a simple design with two nice imitation leather-covered halves and a padded microfiber interior, Organik’s rear shell leaves quite a bit of open space around the iPad 2’s outer edge, grabbing the four corners and using two additional grips on the top and bottom. The front flap covers the screen and clasps on to the right edge of the iPad 2 when closed. We found the fit to be problematic; neither the top nor the bottom right hand side corner fits perfectly. With so much open space along the edges, all the controls, ports, and most of the speaker—save the top row of holes—are fully exposed, which on a positive note enables connection of almost any accessory. The case doubles the thickness of the iPad 2, which is reasonable by comparison with rivals that can go considerably thicker.


Review: LuxMobile Protekto Organik iPad 2 Easel Case

Review: LuxMobile Protekto Organik iPad 2 Easel Case

Like many other folios, the Organik iPad 2 Easel Case can be doubled back to stand the iPad 2 up in a landscape orientation, although the left hand side of the back frame must be removed, leaving half of the back of the device exposed. While this exposure isn’t likely to create protection issues for anyone, it’s inconvenient to have to pop the iPad 2 out and in again whenever you need the stand. Four recessed ridges on the inside of the front cover allow a variety of viewing angles, ranging from about 45° to just under 90°, none of which are optimal for typing. We found that the case did not stay at the most acute angle until we broke the leather in a little bit.


Review: LuxMobile Protekto Organik iPad 2 Easel Case

Review: LuxMobile Protekto Organik iPad 2 Easel Case

Ultimately the Organik iPad 2 Easel Case is a very simple solution for protection and utility but has too many faults to be readily recommended. Most glaring of these are the improper fit on the right corners, the exposed edges, and lack of button coverage, all of which leave too much surface area at risk of scratching and denting. For the $50 asking price, and given that the case is made from synthetic materials, we would expect a greater level of protection and a proper fit. Organik is a handsome-looking folio for the new iPad, but with so many folios in the marketplace, it’s the specifics of protection and fit that will make new models either sink or float. Hopefully LuxMobile will remedy its issues in future production runs.

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Company: LuxMobile Group


Model: Organik iPad 2 Easel Case

Price: $50

Compatible: iPad 2

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