Thus far, companies have been to slow to adjust to the iPad Pro when it comes to designing cases for the device. We’ve seen a number of different issues, with perhaps the most prevalent being a disregard for the large tablet’s unique features — namely, the Smart Connector and Apple Pencil compatibility. Like many other companies, Macally has presented a straightforward solution with its Protective Case and Stand ($25). It’s a folio case with a folding matte cover and hard shell back, and microfiber inside the cover, to rest on the iPad’s large display. It’s not much different than many iPad cases we’ve seen through the years, with correct openings designed for the iPad Pro’s various ports and buttons. However, a case like this will be worth a look to many users, due to one simple reason — its low $25 price tag. The case comes in gray or black.

We received Protective Case and Stand in plastic packaging, and upon removal, the case had a strong synthetic smell. The smell dissipated soon enough, but our immediate reaction wasn’t pleasant — we understand if such concerns would prevent you from looking into Macally’s offering.

Macally’s case has a good fit, but no button coverage. The stand works as expected, in multiple angles, and the cover activates the iPad’s sleep/wake function. Even better is that Macally thought about the design of the case enough to leave the Smart Connector side open. It can be a bit awkward getting Apple’s Smart Keyboard to sit right with the Macally stand — users have to deal with two non-removable folio covers flopping around — but it’s workable.

Like its name, Macally’s Protective Case and Stand is a bit generic, and we were a bit bothered by the initial smell. That being said, after seeing the $25 price, most users probably won’t care. And perhaps they shouldn’t. As a folio case with Smart Connector compatibility, Protective Case and Stand undercuts much of its competition and earns our strong general recommendation.

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Company and Price

Company: Macally

Model: Protective Case and Stand

Price: $25

Compatible: iPAd Pro