Review: Macally Snap2 Series Snap-On Cases for iPad 2

As the most basic of Macally’s recently introduced iPad 2 cases, the Snap2 Series of Snap-On Cases ($30 each) are exactly what the name suggests: hard plastic shells in various colors including clear, solid black, metallic blue, and metallic red. While the material is a bit different, the closest correlates are Incipio’s Feather and XtremeMac’s Microshield. There are small differences between the three options, but they certainly fall into the same category — and have the same shortcomings. Like Microshield but unlike Feather, Snap2 does not come with any sort of screen protection or other extras.

Review: Macally Snap2 Series Snap-On Cases for iPad 2

Review: Macally Snap2 Series Snap-On Cases for iPad 2

As shown here, the clear version of Snap2 fits very well on the device. Unlike some of the other hard shells we have seen integrated into other case solutions from Macally (see here, here, and here), the top and bottom edges are considerably exposed, although Snap2 has a bit more coverage than on the competing models. This is offset somewhat by the presence of a slit in each corner of the shell, a less than aesthetically pleasing design element that’s not found in Feather or Microshield.


Review: Macally Snap2 Series Snap-On Cases for iPad 2

The upper part extends to just before the mic, with divots for the Sleep/Wake switch and headphone port, while the bottom has a large opening the height of the speaker, extending to the edge of the Dock Connector before dropping down, with plastic running almost to the bottom edge. Cutouts for the rear camera, side switch, and volume buttons are precise, with just enough room to make everything accessible. The shell fits right over the aluminum frame where it meets the bezel of the iPad 2. Macally uses a slit in each of the four corners to provide a little bit of give to the frame, making it easier to put on and take off. If you’re considering the clear shell, be sure to clean your iPad 2 first and put it on in a clean area, as things like dust and hair are quite visible through the plastic.


Review: Macally Snap2 Series Snap-On Cases for iPad 2

While we appreciate that Macally covers a bit more of the iPad 2 with Snap2 than Incipio or XtremeMac do, the reality is that this shell offers relatively weak protection for the dollar by comparison with the company’s other cases. Engineering challenges obviously make thin rear shells somewhat of a compromise, but paying the same dollars for better-looking and considerably more protective cases doesn’t make a lot of sense to us; including a screen protector would have improved Snap2’s value relative to its rivals. Without that, or some other major justification for the price, we can only offer a limited recommendation.

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Company: Macally


Model: Snap2 Snap-On Case

Price: $30

Compatible: iPad 2

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