Gear Guide: MacCover felt sleeve for iPod Classic

MacCover sells felt laptop sleeves that can be completely configured by the customers, as well as small felt covers for iPods or mobile phones, and an accessories bag for your cables and chargers. They all come with a key ring attached and are made in heavy duty 3mm thick felt with Oekotex 100 certificate. The covers are available in highly vibrant and in more subdued colours. 
Standard issue MacCover is made to fit current iPods and MacBook (+ MB Pro + MB Air +iBook), but all other sizes can be custom made within one week without surcharge
Prices range from €9.95 for a PodCover / PhoneCover to €44.95 for a basic laptop sleeve, including giftwrapping and shipping to anywhere in the world. Customers can pay by bank transfer or PayPal.

MacCover sleeves are handmade in Belgium by the happy ladies of a small company called Supernana. Supernana is a member of the Clean and Unique association for green and fair trade labels.

The iPod cover is a simple felt protection sleeve in thick felt. Because it is made to the exact size of your iPod, it fits snugly and won’t fall out.

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