Gear Guide: MacSkinz Wedgee Stand

The Wedgee could possibly be the last iPod stand you will ever need. It is laser-cut from crystal-clear acrylic and adjusts in both width and depth. It adjusts small enough to hold the iPod Mini and large enough to hold a full sized iPod while still in a case. Notches and holes on the sides allow you to store and keep your ear buds off the table. You can order it with black plastic or stainless steel knobs. Note that this is an acrylic product and needs the same care that you give your iPod itself. There are also no side restraints.

Leg Width:

  • 1.4 Inch Minimum

  • 2.1 Inch Maximum

    Leg Depth:

  • 0.5 Inch Minimum

  • 1.0 Inch Maximum


  • 3.6″h x 2.8″w x 3.0″d

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    Not Rated

    Company and Price

    Company: MacSkinz
    Model: Wedgee Stand
    List Price: $30-35

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