Review: Marware DoubleTake for iPhone 5/5s

Continuing the trend of mixing together polycarbonate plastic and rubber in different patterns, Marware has introduced its DoubleTake for iPhone 5/5s ($30). The case, which is available in five color combinations, is more than just the standard plastic lined with rubber. Instead, the materials play together in a fun pattern that’s unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Review: Marware DoubleTake for iPhone 5/5s

Like most co-molded cases, DoubleTake is hard plastic at its core; this material provides the structure. The rubber is found on both the inside and outside, where it adds extra shock protection and makes a fun swirl pattern that’s one of this case’s main sources of appeal. It also covers the volume and Sleep/Wake buttons, protecting them without dampening their responsiveness, and forms a protective lip around the screen.


Review: Marware DoubleTake for iPhone 5/5s

Review: Marware DoubleTake for iPhone 5/5s

Port exposure is just about spot-on. There are three holes on the bottom edge, and the headphone and Lightning port openings are large enough to accept even bulky third-party plugs. Really, the only aspect of the case we take issue with is the one-inch hole exposing the Apple logo. This is a design feature we’ve actively disliked and warned against for years; it doesn’t add any value, instead only exposing part of the iPhone’s metal back to potentially being scratched, and generally looks unimpressive.


Review: Marware DoubleTake for iPhone 5/5s

Without the hole over the logo, DoubleTake would likely earn our strong general recommendation. It’s protective, affordable, and feels nice, hitting pretty much all the bases we’re looking for. The design is fun, although it may be a bit too niche, with less broad appeal than something like Speck’s CandyShell, plus the unfortunate Apple hole in the center. Overall, Marware’s DoubleTake merits our general recommendation and B rating.

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Company: Marware


Model: DoubleTake

Price: $30

Compatible: iPhone 5/5s

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