Review: Marware EcoVue for iPhone 3G

Dubbed EcoVue ($30) by Marware, this new “eco-friendly” faux leather case is a simple sleeve with an open face, mesh speakerphone vents on the bottom, a green interior, and a black exterior. Screen protective film is included, as is a microfiber cleaning cloth. While EcoVue is one of the better-looking cases we’ve seen in the eco-conscious category, we’re not especially impressed by its open top and extended front sides, which respectively expose too much of the iPhone 3G’s top and back, while rendering the device incompatible with Universal Docks and other non-cabled bottom-mounting accessories. Typically Marware in execution — a good thing given that the company is so consistently impressive in its build quality and professional attention to detail — EcoVue is let down by some uneven design elements that make it less than thrilling for everyday use and protection. It’s worthy of a limited recommendation, but with simple design tweaks, it could have been a lot better.

Review: Marware EcoVue for iPhone 3G

Review: Marware EcoVue for iPhone 3G

Review: Marware EcoVue for iPhone 3G


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Company: Marware


Model: EcoVue

Price: $30

Compatible: iPhone 3G

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