Review: Marware SportSuit Convertible


Pros: Solid design and feel. Easy access to all functions while in the case. Large selection of accessories and colors available.

Review: Marware SportSuit Convertible

Cons: Bulky lid that must be detached in order to remove the iPod from the case. Small amounts of glue on bottom edges of Neoprene inside the case.

First Impressions

The first thing I thought when I saw this case was that it was very well made. The seams are neatly sewn, and the clear, vinyl opening on the front cover fit nicely over the scroll wheel, not obstructing or scratching it from the inside. The majority of the case is Neoprene while there is a vulcanized rubber grip sewn into the sides and bottom of the case. This allows for a non-slip grip of the case. One of the first things I checked was the inside of the case for any noticeable material that might scratch the iPod’s surface. After close inspection, I ran my finger inside the lining and didn’t feel anything that would even remotely have the possibility of scratching my iPod.

My iPod likes to snuggle

The next thing I checked was how well the iPod slid in and out of the case. After feeling the inside of the case, I wasn’t worried about it having a snug fit, and a snug fit it did. You definitely won’t have to worry about the iPod sliding out of this case. There is a half-inch wide leather, Velcro tab that flips over the top of the iPod and Velcro’s into place. There is a hole in this leather tab for the headphone plug to pass through. With the iPod in the case, the circular hole for the scroll wheel fit perfectly, as well as the opening for the LCD display. For those who like to show off their iPod, this may not be the right case for you, as it does cover most of the iPod, and isn’t as sleek as some of the other cases that have been reviewed. It does however, do a good job of protecting the iPod.

Review: Marware SportSuit Convertible

This case is one of a few that allows for full access to the iPod’s functions while in the case. This feature is essential and makes for ease of use. I have not taken the iPod out of the case since I put it in. It’s always safe. I don’t have to worry about taking the iPod out and dropping it while attempting to change songs. I can leave it in the case while conveniently scrolling and navigating the menus.

Always wear protection

There is also a protective, although bulky lid that you can place over the front of the case that covers the entire front face of the iPod. MAREWARE indicated in an email, that the material on the lid on the black case is called PVC leather. All other colors have the same lid design, but have Neoprene covering it instead of the PVC leather. The inside of the lid features a pouch for your earbuds, but adds about 3/4 of an inch to the case, making the case about 2 inches (about 5.5cm) thick overall. After wearing the case on my belt for several days, I tend to do so without the cover on, because of the added bulk.

Review: Marware SportSuit Convertible

One minor negative to the lid is that you cannot remove the iPod from the case with the lid still attached. You have to remove the lid, so you can access the leather tab that is in place over the headphone jack. The positive side of this lid is that it adds the ability to carry the headphones in a safe manner. While I won’t keep the lid on if I’m wearing the iPod on my belt, I will put the lid on for general travel purposes.

The protection provided by the case is great. With the lid on, the iPod seems very secure with all ports and buttons safely covered. The rubber grips on the side prevent slipping. The Velcro area is large enough that I have not had an issue of it coming undone during normal usage.

Review: Marware SportSuit Convertible

The only other minor issue is a small amount of excess glue located on the inside bottom of the case. After pulling my iPod out (one of the few times I’ve had the urge to do so) I noticed a small amount of glue on the iPod. While the glue is not difficult to wipe off, it is still a minor production issue that should be fixed.

More is better

Review: Marware SportSuit Convertible

MARWARE has done well by offering consumers the versatility of several attachments via the mulitdapt clip system. The SportSuit Convertible case retails for $39.95 and includes the case, protective lid, and springclip. It is available in six colors including black, graphite, navy blue, royal blue, red, and yellow. There are several accessory attachments available, including the Slide SwivelKit ($4.95), CarHolderKit ($4.95), BikeHolder ($6.95) Lanyard ($4.95) and Belt ($7.95), MARWARE is currently sending customers a free armband strap.

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Company and Price

Company: MARWARE


Model: SportSuit Convertible

Price: $39.95

Compatible: iPod 1G, 2G


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