First Look: Matias Armor for iPod nano

Released by Matias, the pioneer of aluminum iPod cases, Armor for iPod nano looks highly similar to other metal nano cases we’ve previously seen: available in silver or black, it opens from the side, covers the nano’s screen with clear plastic, and provides protection for most of its front, sides, and back. Similar to certain of the company’s iPod mini cases but unlike the earlier, full-sized Armor, nano Armor exposes your nano’s Click Wheel, Hold switch, and bottom ports at all times, with a small exposed area at the bottom back for easier nano removal. Each includes a lanyard necklace; the company sells Armor Clips (an adhesive nub with a detachable plastic belt clip) for $5 when purchased with nano Armor.






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Company and Price

Company: Matias


Model: Armor for iPod nano

Price: $30-35

Compatible: iPod nano

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