Review: ME iWebLogin v1.4.1 by HINZ Steuerungs & Datentechnick

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ME iWebLogin ($5) is designed solely for the purpose of storing web-based logins and allowing simple sign-ons to various stored web sites. Access is controlled by a simple password with no intruder lockout or forgotten password recovery capabilities. Once in the application, your saved logins are presented in a scrolling list menu type of view.

Entries are added or removed by tapping the + or – symbols, respectively.


Review: ME iWebLogin v1.4.1 by HINZ Steuerungs & Datentechnick

Tapping “New Password” will allow you to change the application’s password, although this button is easily confused with adding a new entry. Selecting an entry and tapping “Accept” will open an integrated web browser where you will be taken to the appropriate web page and signed on.


Review: ME iWebLogin v1.4.1 by HINZ Steuerungs & Datentechnick

The browser includes a number of buttons at the top for page navigation, to return to the main screen, edit the current entry, or paste in the login name and password information from the current entry. Your only way to edit an existing entry is to open the browser and then tap the “Edit” button. A summary of these buttons can be viewed by tapping the “i” symbol from the main screen.


Review: ME iWebLogin v1.4.1 by HINZ Steuerungs & Datentechnick

Unfortunately, iWebLogin suffers from the same issue as a few of the other apps we’ve reviewed: a lack of encryption. Your saved web userids and passwords are stored in the clear and available either directly on a jailbroken iPhone or via your iPhone backups. While this may be less of an issue for an app that stores only web passwords as opposed to personal financial information, it is still a glaring deficiency in a $5 application. iLounge Rating: F.


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Company: HINZ Steuerungs & Datentechnick


Title: ME iWebLogin

Price: $5

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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