Gear Guide: MediaCatcher DVR for iPods


Gear Guide: MediaCatcher DVR for iPods

BroadClip MediaCatcher is a unique new product that elegantly solves a really basic problem. Most people who have Apple iPods love the idea of watching TV when it is convenient for them, but there is no easy and cheap way to get access to video content.

MediaCatcher simply captures the TV shows you want and automatically downloads them into your iPod, where you can watch them whenever and wherever you want. Unlike iTunes, MediaCatcher has no “per-show” charges and unlike the many illegal “Download to your iPod” scams, MediaCatcher is perfectly legal. If you have a Cable TV subscription, you have the right to use a VCR or PVR to time-shift the shows you want to watch for your convenience.

All you need to get unlimited TV on your iPod is a cable TV subscription, an Internet connection and a Windows PC. (Macintosh version coming soon)

BroadClip sells MediaCatcher with bundled tuner hardware, either PCI ($139) or USB ($199). The bundles include everything you need to get MediaCatcher working on your laptop or desktop computer; Video splitter, cables, and video tuner are included.

Fill your iPod with Unlimited broadcast TV shows
Easily search, select and capture broadcast TV shows and movies
Choose your shows anywhere, anytime on the easy-to-use MediaCatcher web site
When they air, your shows are automatically recorded and downloaded to your player – it’s painless!
No downloading or per-show fees
No monthly or per-show fees
100% legal

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