Review: Meditation Timer by Lingon i Korg


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Review: Meditation Timer by Lingon i Korg

The final category of zen applications consists of three meditation programs, one free and the others paid. Up first is Meditation Timer (Free) by Lingon i Korg, which is an extremely simple widescreen timer application with a pleasant interface for meditation. You’re given one timer to prepare for the meditation, and a second for the meditation itself, against a soft pink and white background; a bell rings to let you know the session has begun. You can set it to meditate for up to 99 hours—no, we haven’t tried that—and there’s no mid-meditation bell; just an identical one when the clock runs out. That’s it. We consider this to be a decent free app, but you get a lot more from something like Meditator. iLounge Rating: C+.

Review: Meditation Timer by Lingon i Korg

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Company: Lingon i Korg


Title: Meditation Timer

Price: Free

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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