Review: Meditator by SimpleTouch Software


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Review: Meditator by SimpleTouch Software

Meditator ($4) by SimpleTouch Software is more sophisticated. You get a preparation timer, a countdown timer to the end of your meditation, and gentle sounds that play as you’re relaxing. A third timer can be set to provide you with a marking sound at an interval, such as every minute, every two minutes, or whatever you prefer. You can choose from eight sounds for the start, interval, and end, and four background tracks for ambience, and save settings for three different types of meditation. We really liked the audio effects here; you can have the program work in silence, but the sounds it creates for ambience and alarms are truly pleasant.

Review: Meditator by SimpleTouch Software

The only oddities: Meditator actually triggers a beeping sound through the iPod touch’s speaker, which we couldn’t figure out how to turn off, and its clocks are very rigid; you don’t have the sort of control offered by Meditation Timer, and can only set sessions in 5 minute increments, with 1-minute adjustments for the interval alerts. Ideally, the interface would be a bit more adjustable and interesting, and the price lower, but Meditator does a pretty good job on both sound and clock functionality so long as you’re willing to work within its timing limitations. iLounge Rating: B.


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Company: SimpleTouch Software


Title: Meditator

Price: $4

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches


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