Review: mīk Sound Case for iPhone 5/5s

Although we’ve seen iPhone cases that offer passive audio amplification before, the mīk Sound Case for iPhone 5/5s ($20), from the company of the same name, offers the same feature in an inexpensive and unobtrusive package. Unlike Kubxlab’s Ampjacket, which is large and oddly shaped, mīk Sound Case looks pretty much like any number of rubber cases. The only real difference is it’s a little thicker, thanks to the amplification system built into the back. Several colors are available.

Review: mīk Sound Case for iPhone 5/5s

Review: mīk Sound Case for iPhone 5/5s

When popping the case on, it seems to be just a little too tight. While it stays in place properly, it appears to be pulling slightly along the left and right edges. Because of this, there’s no real lip around either of those sides, but there is a very small one at the top and bottom. Sleep/Wake and volume button protection is included, although the latter set feels just slightly off, once again because of the tight fit. This size issue was apparent in both cases we were sent for review.


Review: mīk Sound Case for iPhone 5/5s

On the bottom edge, there’s one opening for the headphone port and microphone, and another for the Lightning port, but none for the speaker. This is because the audio is routed to two grilles on the back of the case, a small circle above a larger one. The idea is that the system will increase the volume, and indeed it does. Music playback is louder, especially when the back of the iPhone is facing you. It’s not a night and day difference, but it’s noticeable, and with the phone turned up all the way, can be too loud up close.


Review: mīk Sound Case for iPhone 5/5s

Review: mīk Sound Case for iPhone 5/5s

We wouldn’t consider spending more than a standard case for the functionality found in mīk Sound Case, but the $20 price point is reasonable for an otherwise nondescript rubber protector, and the sound amplification can be seen as an added bonus. Overall, it’s worthy of a limited recommendation, with the fit being the biggest issue.

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