Gear Guide: Mines in Space


Gear Guide: Mines in Space

Mines In Space is not only the ultimate version of the classic Minesweeper, but also features new and exciting puzzles designed to really test your brain power!
As a new recruit aboard the spaceship Mine Seeker II, it’s your mission to sweep the universe for deadly mines set by the fearless alien race, The Quagaaars, through 5 addictive game modes:

• Classic
As with classic minesweeper games, place your flags without detonating any mines!

• Imposter
Analyse the data to locate hidden Quagaaars disguised as asteroids!

• UFO Finder
The Quagaaars have cloaked their ships! Use the numbers to locate the hidden vessels.

• Rocket Shuffle
Your scanners have been scrambled! Shuffle the rockets back into their correct positions.

• Final Frontier
Put all your skills to the test in this epic 100 puzzle story mode.

In your travels throughout the universe, you must also complete a series training achievements to unlock new Galaxies, increase your rank, and ultimately become the greatest captain in the fleet!

It’s mine sweeper, Jim, but not as we know it!

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