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[Note]i know this isn’t the sort of thing you guys usually review, but it really is a great product, especially for the really geeks ipod (or other USB powered device) owners. Please consider reviewing it, because i think it might cover a market that’s not really been ‘tapped’ yet (and may bot be, but who knows?)

A simple iPod charger that you make your self, all contained in an Altiods gum tin. the kit includes all the necessary components (except two optional resistors). It’s a kit that you assemble yourself, and if you know what you’re doing, it’ll probably take less than 10 minutes (eating the gum not included there though 😉 ). And unlike other AA powered chargers out there, the person who made this really (and i mean really) knows her stuff, and she also goes through the process of testing it to make sure it’s all good before you plug in your pride and joy (or if you don’t have an ipod, your mp3 player).

Small and compact, very cheap, lots more fun and rewarding than just buying a chatger, lasts longer and has better efficiency then the 9V alternatives out there (80-85% effecient compared to 60% for 9V units). and of course, the awesome geek factor of making your own iPod charger.
(i’m going to mark it as compatible with all ipods, but please ask her, because i really only know it works in the 30Gb 5G. it should work with any USB powered device though)

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