The Moe Bull Corporation is a small company which specializes in wooden iPad stands, dubbed the Moe Bull Stand — get it? We received the Moe Bull Stand for iPad Air 2 and 9.7″ iPad Pro ($80). The stand has no moving parts. Instead, notches on each side of a tray with one center canal allow an iPad to remain steady in one of four separate landscape viewing angles. Two angles work best for standard viewing, while the more extreme angles lend themselves to typing or iPad viewing in bed, respectively. Moe Bull Stand comes in walnut or maple wood, and there are a number of versions of the stand for other iPad models, as well.

Review: Moe Bull Stand for iPad Air 2 + 9.7” iPad Pro

Moe Bull Stand is sturdy and well-made. It has a handmade feel, in a good way. Moe Bull’s tray-like design is as “tip resistant” as its marketing materials claim, due to its wide base. Unlike some stands, you won’t ever feel the weight or size of the iPad is too much for Moe Bull’s offering. The flaws are few but obvious — you can only use the stand in landscape mode, and cases are out of the question, as the iPad needs to fit snugly within the pre-cut notches.

Review: Moe Bull Stand for iPad Air 2 + 9.7” iPad Pro
Review: Moe Bull Stand for iPad Air 2 + 9.7” iPad Pro

The iPad does indeed slide right into any desired angle on the stand, and with the volume buttons at the top and headphone port at the bottom, everything remains in reach, and available for use. Wired headphones can be routed through the sides of the stand, and you can even charge the iPad with a Lightning cable during use. And while the viewing angles all work just fine, the angle at which tilts the iPad forward holds the most obvious appeal. It’s easy—and comfortable—to lie on the bed or the couch with Moe Bull Stand on your chest or stomach. It’s one of the better “lying down position” iPad stands we’ve seen.

Review: Moe Bull Stand for iPad Air 2 + 9.7” iPad Pro
Review: Moe Bull Stand for iPad Air 2 + 9.7” iPad Pro

While you can find wooden iPad stands cheaper than Moe Bull’s, we can vouch for the build quality here. Some users may prefer stands with unlimited angles, but those are actually pretty rare for full-sized iPads. Moe Bull Stand will make a great kitchen or desk stand, but it really stands apart as a stand to use while lounging on the bed or the couch. The stand may be a bit pricey for some, but it’s a solid, attractive wooden option that works well in any room of the house.

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Company: Moe Bull

Model: Moe Bull Stand

Price: $80

Compatible: iPad Air 2, 9.7” iPad Pro

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