Review: Monster iSplitter/MusicShare Mini Headphone Splitter

This review was originally published in the iLounge Holiday Buyers’ Guide 2005-2006. Please download the Buyers’ Guide for additional photographs.

We’re surprised at how often we find ourselves needing a way to connect two sets of headphones to an iPod at the same time, and when we do, this is always the add-on we turn to. Back when we first used iSplitter, it was more expensive than Macally’s IceDuo (now PodDuo), and it’s still larger, but Monster dropped the price and retained its gold-plated quality. The extended cable design will work with any model of iPod, and has done so reliably in all of our tests.

Note: iSplitter is now also sold by Monster as MusicShare.

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Our Rating

Highly Recommended

Company and Price

Company: Monster


Model: iSplitter

Price: $10

Compatible: iPod 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, mini, nano, shuffle

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