Review: Mophie Charge Stream Travel Kit with Charge Stream Pad Mini

Mophie has eagerly embraced Apple’s addition of wireless charging in its 2017 iPhone lineup — it was one of the first MFi partners to release an Apple-certified wireless charger in the form of its Wireless Charging Base last year, and more recently seems to have rebranded that original device into the Charge Stream Pad+, an updated version that is almost visually identical to the original model while offering more charging power and a micro USB power connection. Continuing with its “Charge Stream” branding, Mophie is back with a more portable version in the form of the Charge Stream Travel Kit.

At the heart of the Charge Stream Travel Kit is Mophie’s new Charge Stream Pad Mini, which can also be purchased separately for $25. Charge Stream Pad Mini is the smallest Qi-compatible charger we’ve yet seen, providing a five-watt charge for an iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, or any other Qi-compatible smartphone. Charge Stream Pad Mini isn’t just designed for unpacking at your hotel, but in fact is small enough that you could use it almost anywhere you happen to be sitting down, or even in your car.

Review: Mophie Charge Stream Travel Kit with Charge Stream Pad Mini

Purchased by itself, Charge Stream Pad Mini includes only the charger and a 4.9-foot USB cable, leaving you to supply your own power source. Mophie’s Charge Stream Travel Kit adds in a wall charger and car charger and a nice travel pouch for keeping it all together and carrying it with you.

Review: Mophie Charge Stream Travel Kit with Charge Stream Pad Mini

The charger itself measures just under two-and-a-half inches on each side, and just under an inch thick. It’s rubberized on the bottom to keep it in place, although it doesn’t have quite the same grip as Mophie’s Charge Stream Pad+ and Wireless Charging Base. The top is slightly angled and similarly rubberized to hold an iPhone in place. Power connects to a micro-USB port at the rear, and an LED shines through at the back to indicate charging status when an iPhone or other Qi-compatible device is in contact with the pad.

Review: Mophie Charge Stream Travel Kit with Charge Stream Pad Mini

With the Travel Kit, Mophie includes not only a quality 2.4-amp USB-A wall charger, but also throws in a 2.4-amp USB car charger, and a case to keep it all in. This makes it not only a great option for frequent travellers, but also gives you everything you need to wirelessly charge just about anywhere. The case features individual mesh pockets for each piece, and folds closed, held with a strap and plastic side release buckle, rather than a zipper. It’s about the size of an iPhone 8 Plus when closed, although obviosuly considerably thicker.

Review: Mophie Charge Stream Travel Kit with Charge Stream Pad Mini

Mophie’s Charge Stream Pad Mini is a decent and inexpensive portable charging solution by itself, however we think it’s the Charge Stream Travel Kit where Mophie really has the right idea, by bundling in everything you need to charge whether you’re in a hotel or on the road. It’s an efficient and inexpensive package, and while you’re obviously still paying a premium over simply plugging in a Lightning cable, for fans of wireless charging who move around a lot it’s worth a serious look.

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