Pros: A soft, relatively simple bag that cleans and protects the iPod inside, fully protecting entire body when metal-reinforced drawstring is closed, holds headphones. Resists water and static.

Review: Moshi/Aevoe iPouch

Cons: No control or screen access when inside; no belt clip ability, little anti-drop protection, few colors.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of iPod cases – those designed specifically to hold an iPod, as indicated by ways to conveniently access screen and/or controls, and those designed generally to hold something the approximate size and shape of an iPod. Our reviews tend to give preference to the first type of case both because it’s easier to use and because it requires more than just a decision to resize some generic holder for an iPod product.

However – and this is a big however – there are some otherwise generic cases we’ve liked because of some other feature or style they’ve offered. The new Moshi iPouch ($14.99) from Aevoe is one of them. Stated most cynically, it’s a cloth bag with a metal-reinforced plastic drawstring and an extra pocket. Its back is bare, and it has only a small gray and green Moshi logo tag on its side. But while we’ve seen more than our fair share of cases that deserve a cynical approach, the iPouch is not one of them. It’s actually a case we’ve enjoyed using for specific applications, and plan to keep using.

iPouch may be a cloth bag, but it’s not a generic cloth bag. A fabric called terahedron combines the softness of fleece with water resilience and attractive anti-scratch characteristics. Put your iPod inside and iPouch will clean its screen and body with every touch. If you get a little bit wet, no problem; your iPod won’t, unless iPouch’s top is open and the water splashes up there. Using the drawstring properly will prevent this from being likely, even when you’re using headphones. The bag is also treated for anti-static protection.


Review: Moshi/Aevoe iPouch


Review: Moshi/Aevoe iPouch

An external front pocket embossed with a headphone icon provides enough space to store Apple’s earbuds (or most others) inside. The pocket’s open at the top and thereby not quite as water-shielded, but it still provides a soft fabric cushion that’s superior to leaving buds hanging in your pocket. We’ve used and appreciated this pocket – it’s better than carrying around a cord manager, though it leaves open the possibility of tangles.

We also really liked the way our sample iPouch looked. In addition to a smaller blue one for the iPod mini, we used a while one with our full-sized iPod, and our editors only differed on the wisdom of the color: two of us liked the white and blue offerings, while a third commented that they weren’t as pocket-practical as darker shades. Regardless, there are three iPouch colors (white, black, and tan, with others for the mini version), and thus something will appeal to most tastes.


Review: Moshi/Aevoe iPouch


Review: Moshi/Aevoe iPouch

The overall look and feel of the design was very appropriate to our current daily iPod use – iPouch is a case we could tote the iPod around in before pulling it out and tossing it into our car mount, which isn’t sized to accommodate a case. Because of the pocket, the drawstring, and the water-resilience of the fabric, the design seemed better suited to daily iPod use than, say, Apple’s iPod Socks (iLounge rating: B-).

True, they’re individually a bit more expensive. Still, at $14.99 a piece, they won’t set you back as much as a $29 five-set of iPod Socks, which can’t be purchased individually. And we think they’re a lot more practical, besides. While not the match of Radtech’s more expensive tailored cloth Podsleevz (iLounge rating: B) (or many other cases, for that matter) on easy access to your iPod’s screen or controls, iPouch is a better alternative in all ways save belt-clippability (and arguably specific fashion needs) than all of the sleeve-like cases out there with open tops and exposed corners, and like them, it won’t be much help if you often drop your iPod. For these reasons, it’s not right for everyone, but for many people, it’s a great design.

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Company and Price

Company: Moshi/Aevoe


Model: iPouch

Price: $14.99

Compatible: iPod 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, iPod photo

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