Review: Moshi Concerti for iPad mini

Like many other companies, Moshi has heavily based its iPad mini case lineup on models previously made available for larger iPads. The latest is Concerti ($45), which is a diminutive version of the original case of the same name. As before, it’s set apart from most folios both by its flipped orientation and unique silicone holder inside.

Review: Moshi Concerti for iPad mini

Review: Moshi Concerti for iPad mini

Gone are the linen-textured plastic exteriors of the larger edition. This time, Moshi chose to stick to a microfiber lining for both the inside and outside of the folio. Instead of holding the iPad mini on the inside of the back cover like most cases do, Concerti houses it on the left side. The silicone rubber skin used to hold the tablet is very protective. It covers almost all of the tablet’s body, including the volume and Sleep/Wake buttons. The openings that are there are just large enough to allow compatibility with whatever accessories you may choose to use, including oversized Lightning and headphone plugs. Moshi also brought over the auto-locking magnets and elastic closure strap from the last edition, but got rid of the hand slot. It’s not a big omission.


Review: Moshi Concerti for iPad mini

The choice of silicone allows the case to stand at a very wide range of angles against the microfiber interior, ranging from just about straight up and down to about 45° relative to the cover; there’s also one very flat typing angle. One issue the flipped design raises is that the volume buttons are on the edge that rests against the cover. To change the volume when you’re watching video, you must either lift the case or use the on screen controls. It’s not a big problem, but something to be aware of in comparison to other folios.


Review: Moshi Concerti for iPad mini

Review: Moshi Concerti for iPad mini

If you’re in the market for a folio but the multitude of virtually indistinguishable options out there now doesn’t excite you, Concerti for iPad mini is definitely worthy considering. Moshi’s larger version was original, and this model has the same strengths. The silicone holder is protective and functional, and the overall feel of the case is quite nice. We’d still like to see some improvements—the inclusion of a typing angle and a camera hole in the cover itself are the big ones—but overall, we like what the company has done here. Concerti earns our strong general recommendation. 

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Company: Moshi/Aevoe


Model: Concerti

Price: $45

Compatible: iPad mini

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