Review: Moshi Revolt Duo 20W Dual-Port USB Car Charger

Moshi’s Revolt Duo 20W Dual-Port USB Car Charger ($25) isn’t necessarily exciting, but for users seeking to charge multiple iPads in a car, it could be a useful accessory. The plastic charger has a rounded-square face, with two ports running parallel to one another — a redesign of the earlier Revolt C2. Each port can put out 2.1-Amps of charging power at the same time, so every iDevice except for iPad Airs and third- and fourth-generation iPads will charge at full speed. More recent tablets will still charge, but not at their fastest speeds.

Review: Moshi Revolt Duo 20W Dual-Port USB Car Charger

Of the car chargers we’ve covered that support dual 2.1A charging, Just Mobile’s Highway Duo is the closest correlate. Introduced at the same price as Revolt Duo — it’s gone up to $30 since our review — this charger has the same number of ports, and the same output capabilities. It comes with a micro-USB cable, which is a small advantage over Moshi’s, but doesn’t include any Dock Connector or Lightning cables. Overall, we’d call the two on par functionally, with the slight advantage going to Highway Duo for looks, although Revolt Duo is pretty sharp in its own right. While the materials aren’t as fancy, Revolt Duo is a smart buy and deserving of our strong general recommendation.

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Company: Moshi/Aevoe


Model: Revolt Duo

Price: $25

Compatible: All iPads, iPhones, iPods

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