Review: mSecure v1.0 by mSeven Software

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mSecure ($2) is currently being offered at an “introductory price.” It is a simple, straightforward secure information storage app for a variety of different types of information, including credit cards, web logins, bank accounts, clothing sizes, and much more. The main listing screen shows a summary of entries including detail fields that can be sorted/grouped either alphabetically or by type.

Review: mSecure v1.0 by mSeven Software

Sixteen different item types are supported with pre-defined fields, and these existing types can be customized or deleted, and new custom types can also be added. Fields can be set to display on the main screen or only on the item detail view. No hidden/masked fields are available.


Review: mSecure v1.0 by mSeven Software

Field types basically include text and numeric value types, with contextually-appropriate data entry for each field, so numeric entry fields bring up a numeric entry keypad, and special field types for URLs, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses which provide the ability for the field content to link to the appropriate application—clicking on a URL field will open Safari.


Review: mSecure v1.0 by mSeven Software

Further, a selection of custom icons is available within the application which can be associated with each particular item type.


Review: mSecure v1.0 by mSeven Software

The use of a password with mSecure is actually optional, and unlike most of the other apps we’ve reviewed, mSecure merely advises you to set a password at startup rather than forcing you to set one.


Review: mSecure v1.0 by mSeven Software

If you do choose to use a password, you have the option at login of either displaying the normal QWERTY keyboard or a numeric keypad for password entry, and mSecure will remember the last screen that was successfully used. This allows users who prefer a numeric password to use a numeric keypad by default. A password hint can also optionally be set and accessed by tapping the “Hint” link on the sign-on scren.


Review: mSecure v1.0 by mSeven Software

mSecure also offers a full-text search function which can search not only item titles, but any information contained within your mSecure database.

Lastly, mSecure offers some basic interface options, including the ability to choose from two different display font sizes and two different color themes.


Review: mSecure v1.0 by mSeven Software

mSecure is far from the most sophisticated of the applications we’ve reviewed, but for the very reasonable $2 price, it handles the basic task of keeping track of your personal information with an elegant simplicity while still offering a polished user interface and a decent level of customization. For users who want something very straightforward and secure to store their personal information and are not concerned with desktop synchornization, mSecure is one of the better choices available at its current price point. If the price goes up significantly, the rating relative to its competitors will drop correspondingly. iLounge Rating: B+.


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Company: mSeven Software


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