Review: mTip by Pascal Mermoz

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mTip ($1) from Pascal Mermoz is a simple single-screen tip calculator and check splitter. It main interface features a wood grain background and semi-transparent fields for bill amount, tip percentage, and party size. Users can enter tip percentage manually or set it using one of three star rating buttons, which can be configured in the mTip menu of the iPhone’s Settings app. A custom numeric keypad at the bottom is clean, and offers buttons for rounding up or down to the nearest dollar. Tapping the info buttons brings up a screen with instructions on how to use the app. Possibly designed to look “retro,” we think mTip’s main interface will delight some and distract others; however, its functionality is solid. A choice of interfaces or backgrounds, a tax calculation feature, and expanded currency support would all help increase this app’s value, which currently strikes us as a little better than okay but not great. iLounge Rating: B-.

Review: mTip by Pascal Mermoz


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Company: Pascal Mermoz


Title: mTip

Price: $1

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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