When it comes to iPad sleeves, we prefer options that are particularly well-made or very affordable — preferably both. Mujjo’s iPad mini Sleeve (€45/~$59) is beautiful, but it’s somewhat expensive, especially for such a simple holder. However, if you’re in the market for a premium sleeve, definitely read on, as you may just like what you see here.

Review: Mujjo iPad mini Sleeve

Review: Mujjo iPad mini Sleeve

Mujjo chose to use two quality materials in building its sleeve: wool felt and leather. The body is a straightforward piece of wool folded over on itself and sewn together along the edges; a third layer sandwiched between those two creates a small pocket for cables, headphones, and other small accessories. It all looks and feels great. Thankfully, the holder isn’t restricted to bare iPad minis: there’s enough room for a tablet with a Smart Cover, slim shell, or even both. The smooth leather is used to form the top flap, as well as a band that’s riveted in place at either end. Despite the simplicity of the style, it stays closed when you want it to. 


Review: Mujjo iPad mini Sleeve

This sleeve is far from the most expensive we’ve ever seen, but it’s still not a particularly affordable option given the spectrum of designs already out there for the iPad mini. Thankfully it does meet high expectations in terms of looks and feel; it certainly comes across as a premium accessory. Case compatibility and the extra pocket are extra checks in the positive column. Overall, Mujjo’s iPad mini Sleeve is deserving of a general recommendation.

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Company and Price

Company: Mujjo

Website: www.mujjo.com

Model: iPad mini Sleeve

Price: €45/~$59

Compatible: iPad mini

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