First Look: MusicSkins Skins for iPad

Armed with the same impressive library of licensed artwork and faces found on its iPod and iPhone stickers, MusicSkins is now offering Skins for iPad ($20), interesting options that differ from ones we previously saw from GelaSkins. Here, the artistic sticker is solely for the iPad’s back, while a completely clear screen protector is included for the iPad’s face, unlike GelaSkins offerings, which leave most of the screen unshielded while providing bezel frames. The Skins for iPad are made from anti-scratch, anti-UV coated vinyl with a residue-free 3M adhesive, and come packed with cleaning cloths. As is obvious from the photographs, MusicSkins offers images from musicians such as The Beatles, Elvis, Pink Floyd and the Grateful Dead, as well as TV themes including Adult Swim and Domo-Kun, plus many others.

First Look: MusicSkins Skins for iPad

First Look: MusicSkins Skins for iPad

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Company: MusicSkins


Model: Skins for iPad

Price: $20

Compatible: iPad (2010)

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