First Look: MusicSkins Skins for iPhone 4

Having previously covered all of MusicSkins’ iPod, iPhone, and iPad stickers, there isn’t much left to surprise us in the latest version — Skins for iPhone 4 ($15) — which covers only the new iPhone’s back surface without attempting to stretch to its sides or face. That’s different from the iPhone 3G/3GS version alongside it, which wrapped around the prior model’s plastic body, stopping short of the bezel, and the iPad version, which also included clear screen film. Shown here are the company’s latest licensed products: Jersey Shore stickers commemorating the themes of MTV’s ‘guido’ reality stars, complete as always with matching downloadable Lock Screen artwork from MusicSkins’ web site.

First Look: MusicSkins Skins for iPhone 4

First Look: MusicSkins Skins for iPhone 4

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Company: MusicSkins


Model: Skins for iPhone 4

Price: $15

Compatible: iPhone 4

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