Musubo’s latest case for the iPhone 5, Diamond ($33), is a truly distinctive looking option. Coming in black, purple, red, or blue, it combines an opaque TPU frame with a matching translucent diamond-patterned plastic panel. It’s a very good example of how a simple case doesn’t have to be plain. Packed alongside the case is a folding plastic stand, although the website lists screen film and a cleaning cloth as well, which were missing from our two review samples.

Diamond’s plastic frame runs all the way around the iPhone 5’s edges, and rises up slightly over the display for screen protection. Raised button protection is built in, with the Sleep/Wake button requiring just a little less force than the volume buttons. The bottom edge is broken up by a series of openings, with individual holes for the speaker and Lightning port, and one for the headphone port and microphone. We appreciate that the Lightning port opening is large enough to accept midsize plugs, although the largest ones out there won’t fit. The textured plastic back panel can be separated from the frame, but doesn’t have to be for installation or removal.


We really like what Diamond has to offer. It looks very nice, and protects the iPhone well. There aren’t any bells or whistles, just a straightforward case that does the job. We’d have appreciated if the screen film had actually been included, but it’s not a deal breaker. Ultimately, it’s a very good case that’ll stick out from the crowd, and it’s worthy of our strong general recommendation.

Our Rating


Company and Price

Company: Musubo


Model: Diamond

Price: $33

Compatible: iPhone 5