Review: My Eyes Only v1.2 by Software Ops LLC

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My Eyes Only™ – Secure Password Manager ($9) is another generic information manager with a few distinguishing features compared to the competition. Most notable among these is a slightly more sophisticated password management function, including the ability to set a password hint and a password recovery question in the event that you forget your actual password. The password hint is optional in this case, while the password recovery question is not.

Review: My Eyes Only v1.2 by Software Ops LLC

Further, My Eyes Only provides the ability to only prompt for a password when attempting to view your item details, rather than each time you start the app.


Review: My Eyes Only v1.2 by Software Ops LLC

Beyond this feature, however, My Eyes Only is actually somewhat more limited in terms of the types of items that it can store and its general interface. No field customization is available and items are limited to logins, credit cards, financial accounts, social security numbers and general note-type items. No folder/category structure is available beyond filtering by item type—such as showing only credit cards or logins. Further, the actual item entry/edit screens attempt to provide a graphical representation of the item type that the user enters the information directly into.


Review: My Eyes Only v1.2 by Software Ops LLC

However, while this looked visually appealing at first glance, it quickly becomes cumbersome to work with due to a less-than-optimal use of screen space. While the graphical representation is nice, we greatly preferred eWallet’s approach of simply using it for display purposes and providing a more effective edit screen for actually entering or editing the information. My Eyes Only is another one of these apps which might be a reasonable choice at a lower price tag, but for $9 it falls far short of expectations, particularly when compared to the competition. iLounge Rating: C-.

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Company: Software Ops LLC


Title: My Eyes Only™ – Secure Password Manager

Price: $9

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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