Review: MyCharge RazorPlus 3000mAh Portable Power Bank

While flashy extra features generally don’t hurt, they’re certainly not always necessary. MyCharge’s latest battery pack is RazorPlus ($60), a 3000mAh backup power device, and it doesn’t include a flashlight or any of the other bells and whistles battery makers have been packing in lately. Instead, it’s stripped down to the bare essentials: one input port, one output port, and a few lights to show how much battery is left, activated by shaking.

Packed inside an aluminum housing, RazorPlus is pretty slim at only 0.32” thick, and about the same width as an iPhone 5 or 5s, but a little bit shorter. The size and shape make it easy to travel with, either in a pocket or in a bag. It draws power from a micro-USB port, paired with an included cable, and can put out up to 1 Amp of power. This makes it best suited for iPhones and iPods.


Review: MyCharge RazorPlus 3000mAh Portable Power Bank

Review: MyCharge RazorPlus 3000mAh Portable Power Bank

Even though iPads won’t charge at their maximum speed when connected to this battery, we tested it with a fully drained iPad mini because of its capacity. Our previous tests of other batteries have shown that a 3000mAh cell should deliver a little over 45% in this scenario. RazorPlus outdid that, providing just shy of 47% before running dry. On an iPhone, that’d translate to a full charge and a half.


Review: MyCharge RazorPlus 3000mAh Portable Power Bank

As a simple, effective solution, RazorPlus is a good product, and therefore earns a B rating. For the same somewhat aggressive price, one can choose Fluxmob’s Bolt, which has the same capacity and the added benefit of built-in wall prongs. But for those seeking simplicity, MyCharge’s battery offers that, plus solid performance. We’re looking forward to upcoming versions that support full-speed tablet charging.

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Company: MyCharge


Model: RazorPlus

Price: $60

Compatible: All iPads, iPhones, iPods

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