Review: MyCharge RazorUltra

MyCharge’s RazorUltra ($100) is a new standalone battery pack with an anodized aluminum gold shell. RazorUltra pairs a 12000 mAh battery with two USB output ports for charging. The two ports share 3.4A of total power, allowing for simultaneous charging of two devices. The battery level on RazorUltra can be checked by giving the pack a quick shake — four LEDs denote remaining battery life. RazorUltra also comes with a micro-USB cable and a 2.1A wall adapter to recharge the battery pack.

Review: MyCharge RazorUltra
Review: MyCharge RazorUltra

For a 12000 mAh battery, RazorUltra is lightweight at 0.64 pounds. It’s also more attractive than many of its competitors, with its aluminum shell and rounded edges. It’s pictured above next to an iPhone 6 — RazorUltra is 4.4” x 3” x 0.9”. On the good side of things, RazorUltra delivered a full charge to a depleted iPad Air 2, and had enough battery left over for an extra 21 percent charge, for a total 121 percent charge to an iPad Air 2 — a very good number. However, it took RazorUltra roughly 6 1/2 hours to deliver a full charge to an iPad Air 2. That’s slow, especially from a battery that claims to deliver “ultra-fast charging.” Another test on an iPad mini 3 found the battery recharging the device slower than expected, as well.

Review: MyCharge RazorUltra
Review: MyCharge RazorUltra

RazorUltra’s recharging time is disappointing, but it’s a more-attractive-than-most high capacity battery in a small, light package. The included 2.1A wall adapter is also a nice perk, which many batteries don’t offer. Users who often rely on big battery packs to deliver an overnight charge to an iPad will be satisfied with RazorUltra, and iPhone users looking for a periodic charge probably won’t have many complaints, either, especially considering the battery’s small footprint.

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Company: MyCharge

Model: RazorUltra

Price: $100

Compatible: iPads, iPhones, iPods

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