First Look: MyFatRobot BeatBuckle for iPod nano


Described as “from the creators of NESBuckle,” a way to wear an old Nintendo Entertainment System controller on your belt, BeatBuckle is a clear plastic case designed to hold the now-discontinued first-generation iPod nano (not the aluminum second-generation version) at waist level. You provide the belt (or buy a leather one for $10 from the company), and BeatBuckle attaches with a metal ring and sharp metal tooth to the belt. BeatBuckle’s left- and right-side case latching mechanism is similar to the one Apple created for its excellent iPod shuffle Sport Case, and provides access to the nano’s headphone and Dock Connector ports, permitting use of the Nike + iPod Sport Kit. At the time of publication, this is the least expensive belt buckle-style nano holder we’ve yet seen.

First Look: MyFatRobot BeatBuckle for iPod nano

First Look: MyFatRobot BeatBuckle for iPod nano

First Look: MyFatRobot BeatBuckle for iPod nano

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Company: MyFatRobot


Model: Beatbuckle

Price: $30

Compatible: iPod nano (first-generation)

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