Review: Native Union Clic 360 for iPhone 6

Native Union’s newest case for iPhone 6 is Clic 360 ($40), a case from the company’s Clic line that purports to offer “maximum protection” with minimal bulk. The thin case has internal “3D rubber mesh” to help protect the phone from drops. Curiously, though there’s protection for the volume controls and sleep/wake button, Clic 360 leaves the bottom of the iPhone 6 almost completely exposed. Native Union claims the case meets military drop test standards. A partially waxed canvas backing gives the case a unique look in five different colors. The case has also been released for iPhone 6 Plus.

Review: Native Union Clic 360 for iPhone 6

We’re wondering if Native Union should have went in another direction in marketing Clic 360 — the company plays up the protection value in a case that doesn’t strike us as particularly protective. While we don’t do drop tests, we can’t see how Clic 360 provides “360 protection.” The bottom of the iPhone is mostly exposed. The rest of the case does seem to provide adequate protection, but it doesn’t differ in that way from other cases sold for half the price.

Review: Native Union Clic 360 for iPhone 6
Review: Native Union Clic 360 for iPhone 6

What Clic 360 does have is a nice look and feel, owing to the case’s waxed canvas backing and stitched-on patch. Native Union should be playing up the design a bit more — it’s more likely to justify the price this way. If Clic 360’s look doesn’t catch your eye, we’d recommend considering other case options for iPhone 6.

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Company: Native Union

Model: Clic 360

Price: $40

Compatible: iPhone 6

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