Gear Guide: Neo Car Audio iON


Gear Guide: Neo Car Audio iON

The Neo iON provides direct connection to most factory and aftermarket car stereos. When connected your car stereo buttons will control the iPod, the iPod battery will charge, and the sound will play from your car stereo speakers. This is the best iPod Car Kit available on the market.

The adapter includes a 11.5’ (3.5M) cable that plugs directly into the iPod. The other side of this cable plugs into the CD changer port on the back of the car stereo – there is no FM modulation.

Once the cable is plugged in your car will charge and power your iPod, as well as control it (Next/Previous track, FF/RW) using your car stereos existing buttons (steering wheel controls if you have them).

  • Compatible with iPod 3rd Generation, 4th Generation, and iPod Mini.

  • Works with most vehicles – plugs directly into the CD changer port.

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    Company: Neo Car Audio
    Model: iON
    List Price: $189.00

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