Although it’s not the largest capacity battery pack we’ve seen, New Trent’s PowerPak+ NT135T ($70) is up there with a 13,500mAh capacity. It’s the second battery we’ve covered from the company — the first was its iCarrier IMP120D Dual USB Power Pack — but there are no shared aesthetics between them. This one is a ridged two-tone gray box, with two USB outputs: one supports 2.1-Amp charging, and the other 1-Amp. While it’s not a cosmetically unique option, the build quality and overall performance are quite impressive, especially for the low price.

Review: New Trent PowerPak+ NT135T Battery Pack

PowerPak+ NT135T is almost 5” long, a little under 2.7” wide, and just over 1” tall. The size is portable, but may be just a bit larger than what most people would consider “pocketable.” Although the body is made entirely of plastic, it’s easy to confuse with metal, even when viewed from just a few inches away. Dark grey plates, each with 11 raised ridges, sandwich a lighter grey core with truncated corners. It’s a simple yet elegant design that feels appropriate for a battery pack. A soft carrying bag is included in the package, as is a micro-USB cable for recharging; you need to supply the Apple cables yourself.


Review: New Trent PowerPak+ NT135T Battery Pack

New Trent located all of the unit’s ports and controls along one short edge. To the left of the two USB ports is a single micro-USB port for powering the lithium ion polymer battery. To the right, on the cut-off corner, is a power button that doubles as a way to check the battery life, with the LED below changing color from green to blue to red as an indication of approximately how much juice is left. Although PowerPak+ NT135T supports tablet charging, it’s limited to 2.1-Amp output from its fastest port, meaning that third- and fourth-generation iPads won’t go at full speed. The 1.5-Amp input is also somewhat limited, and combined with the capacity, explains the quoted 12 hour recharge time.


Review: New Trent PowerPak+ NT135T Battery Pack

Even though it may take a while, the battery will deliver its promised 80% charge for an iPad, just a hair over the result we expected based on batteries we’ve tested in the past. We got exactly that charge level on a fourth-generation iPad in four hours and 17 minutes. If PowerPak+ NT135T supported 2.4-Amp charging, the time would have dropped by nearly half an hour, which would certainly have been a benefit. Obviously, smaller-capacity devices such as iPods and iPhones will easily be able to fully recharge more than once from PowerPak+ NT135T, even when two devices connected at the same time. iPad minis should get more than a full recharge, as well.


Review: New Trent PowerPak+ NT135T Battery Pack

Charging speed aside, the fact that a nice-looking, 13,500mAh battery is available for $70 is unquestionably great for Apple device users. PowerPak+ NT135T’s flexibility in being able to charge any USB device—or two devices—makes it very much worth considering, and easily worthy of our high recommendation. Only the addition of Apple-specific cables, and the aforementioned increase in charging speeds, would make it a better value.

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Company: New Trent


Model: PowerPak+ NT135T Battery Pack

Price: $70

Compatible: All iPads, iPhones, iPods

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