Apple’s Wireless Keyboard is still one of the best typing surfaces available for iPads, although there are only a handful of third-party accessories for it. Nimblstand ($40), from the company of the same name, is the latest addition to the group. The all-plastic accessory is a stand solution for any iPad, with some case compatability, allowing for a few different positions based on how you need to use the tablet. It’s also available in a package with Wacom’s Bamboo Stylus, for a $17 premium.

Review: Nimblstand Nimblstand for iPad

Nimblstand’s construction and design is all based on sliding. It splits apart into two pieces: a 2.75” deep and 11” long core, plus an extension wedge that adds just under 3.5”. The first piece has rubber rails at the front and back, helping to keep the stand in place. At one end, there’s a circular barrel, designed to hold the keyboard when inserted from one end and slid through until it’s fully in place. Behind it, there’s a a gap for the iPad, with a ridge holding it at about 55° when facing the keyboard, or between 25° and 40° degrees, depending on the thickness of your tablet, when turned the other way. The extension wedge can slide onto either the front or back, depending on in which position you’re using the iPad.


Review: Nimblstand Nimblstand for iPad

Review: Nimblstand Nimblstand for iPad

The first position, with the wedge tucked into the back, is made for typing; the wedge keeps the stand stable. In this arrangement, the iPad can be positioned in landscape or portrait orientation. Flip it around with the wedge underneath the keyboard, and it transforms into a more reclined mode that’s shown as being used for drawing and similar tasks. A circular cutout serves as a stylus holder.


Review: Nimblstand Nimblstand for iPad

Nimblstand does what it does well enough, but the big question is, are there any situations in which it’s an optimal solution? Attaching the keyboard to the stand isn’t really necessary, although it may be useful on your lap, on the go. Otherwise, positioning it freely on any flat surface is just as good. Compare Nimblstand to Cooler Master’s JAS mini or other great stands and the value becomes questionable. Those competitors allow for a wider range of angles, are physically smaller, and are made of nicer materials, for less money. We’d more readily recommend one of those, but Nimblstand does have enough value to merit a limited recommendation.

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Limited Recommendation

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Company: Nimblstand


Model: Nimblstand

Price: $40

Compatible: All iPads

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