Nomad’s Stand for Apple Watch ($70) is a soon-to-be-released Apple Watch stand. Coming in silver or space gray, Nomad’s minimal stand is made of one piece of solid aluminum. A recessed channel allows Apple Watch’s charging cable to be hidden away and routed out the back of the stand. Rubber footing on the bottom of the stand prevents slippage, and “a solid chunk of copper” under the rubber adds extra weight to prevent the stand from tipping over.

Review: Nomad Stand for Apple Watch

Review: Nomad Stand for Apple Watch
Review: Nomad Stand for Apple Watch

Stand for Apple Watch is a solid, sturdy, premium-looking stand. At nearly half a pound, it’s more than three times as heavy as Spigen’s thin aluminum Apple Watch Stand S330. Nomad’s stand is about 4.1” x 3.5” x 2” — you’ll have to curl the band up or leave it dangling toward the back of the stand. The charging puck is elevated slightly to allow for proper charging, but we admit the aluminum channel which holds the cable gives us one particular concern — it’s a snug channel with no other materials for cushioning. If you’re not careful during installation or removal, you might find the aluminum nicking up the cable slightly.

Review: Nomad Stand for Apple Watch
Review: Nomad Stand for Apple Watch

Of the few Apple Watch stands we’ve seen so far, Nomad’s Stand for Apple Watch looks the nicest on a desk or nightstand. It has an expensive feel and appearance — but it also has a price to match that look. Many users will justifiably scoff at spending $70 on an Apple Watch stand. If you see an Apple Watch stand as merely utilitarian, you’ll look elsewhere, but users who value Stand for Apple Watch’s aesthetic appeal — and don’t mind dropping the extra cash — will probably be pleased.

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Company: Nomad

Model: Stand for Apple Watch

Price: $70

Compatible: Apple Watch

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