Gear Guide: Nyko iTop mini



Gear Guide: Nyko iTop mini

Stop pulling out your iPod every other song, and start controlling your music with Nyko’s iTop Button Relocator for iPod. The iTop is a small adapter that attaches to the top of the iPod through the headphone and remote jack. Once connected, you can now play, pause, skip, go back, and change the volume all without having to remove the iPod from a case, pocket, or purse. The iTop is small, lightweight, requires no batteries, and matches the white and chrome décor of the iPod. The color coded and tactile buttons allow users to easily control their playlists by sight or touch. The iTop fits any full size 3G and 4G iPod with remote jack, and is perfect for the active iPod user.

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Company: NYKO Technologies, Inc
Model: Nyko iTop mini
List Price: $39.99

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